Biomass Feedstocks

Feedstock preparation for biomass fast pyrolysis includes drying and grinding. Small particle feedstocks with low moisture content are preferable. No chemical, biological or catalytic pretreatments are required.

Avello®FRAC is a feedstock flexible process, accepting most lignocellulosic materials. Possible feedstocks include:

  • Agricultural residues
  • Forestry, logging and mill residues
  • Sustainably grown and harvested woody biomass
  • Fast-growing woody biomass (poplar, willow, eucalyptus)
  • Dedicated energy crops (switchgrass, reed canary grass, giant cane, miscanthus)



AvelloFRAC converts these low density biomass resources into energy dense liquid pyrolysis oil fractions for cost effective transportation, storage, handling and end-use.

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