Fast Pyrolysis Process

Biomass fast pyrolysis: A thermochemical process to convert raw biomass into pyrolysis oil, biochar and a mixture of non-condensable gases.


Fast pyrolysis is the rapid thermal decomposition of carbonaceous organic matter in the absence of oxygen. This process occurs at low pressure, moderate temperatures and in a very short amount of time. Fast pyrolysis produces three products: biochar, pyrolysis oil and non-condensable gases. Yields are dependent on many factors including process conditions (reactor temperature, pressure, residence time) and feedstock composition. Optimal biomass processing conditions include: reaction temperatures around 500°C, high heating rates, and rapid cooling of the pyrolysis vapors after biochar has been sufficiently removed.


Biomass fast pyrolysis systems include  feedstock preparation and handling, a reactor, solid particulate removal, a pyrolysis oil collection system, and product storage. Main reactor types include bubbling and circulating fluidized bed reactors, rotating cone reactors, auger reactors, ablative reactors, vacuum reactors, and free fall reactors.





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