Chemical Feedstocks

Renewable feedstocks for specialty chemical and material markets and advanced biofuels.


The Avello®FRAC process separates classes of chemicals into distinct fractions. Further isolation and upgrading has the potential of producing a wide variety of renewable and sustainable chemicals and materials. Organic acids, low molecular weight oxygenates, carbohydrates and phenolics can be found in specific AvelloFRAC fractions. These materials are being evaluated for use in biobased chemical and transportation fuel applications.

Chemical Feedstock Uses: Potential markets include bulk chemicals, specialty chemicals, lignin based chemicals, phenolic resins, adhesives, antioxidants, and flavor & fragrance. The properties of AvelloFRAC fractions show potential for easier upgrading to drop-in biofuels and fuel additives.

The benefits of Chemical Feedstocks include:

  • Renewable. AvelloFRAC fractions are produced from domestic non-food resources such as agricultural and wood residues. Using biomass derived chemicals and materials decreases our national demand for imported petroleum.
  • Unique Composition. AvelloFRAC fractions have a higher concentration of chemical classes compared to conventional pyrolysis oil, offering new opportunities and applications for biobased chemicals and materials.





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