Biofuel Oil

Biofuel Oil is a stable, low carbon, renewable liquid fuel for heat and power applications. 


Biofuel Oil is a renewable fuel oil produced from our proprietary Avello®FRAC process.  Biofuel Oil has lower water and acid content than conventional pyrolysis oil resulting in a blendable, high-energy density fuel.  Low sulfur content can result in lower SOx emissions compared to fuel oils and raw biomass.  Heavy and light versions of Biofuel Oil are under development.

In 2007, the US consumed over 20 billion gallons of distillate and residual fuel oil. Fuel oils from petroleum refining processes are classified into groups identified as No. 1 through No. 6.  Distillate fuels make up the first three groups and are used for transportation diesel fuel, home heating oil and power generation.  Residual fuels such as No. 5 and 6 are heavier, contain more sulfur and pollutants, and are often used for industrial heat and marine transportation applications.  Heavy fuel oils can have over 4.5% (45,000 ppm) sulfur content while light fuel oils contain between 15 ppm and 3000+ ppm sulfur. State and federal agencies and marine organizations are pushing to reduce sulfur and carbon emissions from fuel oil, marine fuel and coal.

Biofuel Oil Uses: Biofuel Oil has the potential to be used in numerous fossil fuel applications to help meet renewable mandates.

The benefits of Biofuel Oil include:

  • Renewable. Biofuel Oil is produced from non-food domestic resources such as agricultural and wood residues.  Biofuel Oil  is a sustainable and renewable fuel which can be used to meet renewable content mandates and state Renewable Portfolio Standards.
  • Low Emissions. Biofuel Oil can reduce net carbon and SOx emissions in power generation and marine fuel applications.
  • Diverse Markets. Biofuel Oil can be blended or replace some home heating, stationary engine, commercial and industrial heat and power generation, marine and military fuels.
  • Cost Competitive. Proforma economic analysis indicates Biofuel Oil can be priced competitively below today’s fuel oil prices without subsidies.



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